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Wedding, you say? Alpaca my bags.

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The History

Alpacas were imported into the United States from 1984 – 1998. They originate from South America, and were originally bred by the Incas for thousands of years. In 1998, The U.S. based Alpaca Registry Inc., closed the importation of the camelids to the United States to improve the breeding stock of our animals here in the US.

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The Alpaca

These animals are exceptional grazers, and will frequently be seen scouring the land for the greenest patch of grass they can find. Crias are baby Alpacas, and we expect them on the farm come springtime. These beautiful babies typically stick close to momma from birth until they are 6-8 months old. At this time they are weaned, and adopt their own personalities

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The Future

Just as Alpaca Mountain Event Center welcomes baby alpacas, we want to welcome you back whether for baby showers or any other event you are looking to host. Whatever your event might be, keep us in my for your needs! We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you now and in the future!


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